Operation Barbarossa

Soviet counter-attack with Cossacks and tanks!

Feb. 28th, 2010 at Area 51

My Cossacks, deployed to attack.

Soviet tanks driving down the road.

Soviet infantry under artillery fire.

German artillery and reinforcements.

Cossacks move around the ruined town as the machine guns take up position.

Cavalry charge! Cossacks attacking the Germans at the tree line.

German machinegun fire kills a lot of cossacks, but they capture the woods.

Soviet and German tanks face off.

Soviet tanks arrive from reserve and move into the town.

Soviet tanks.

More Cossacks

German infantry vs. Soviet tanks in the town.

The Soviet tanks roll up the flank.

Cossacks, with tank support, form up to assault - just outside machinegun range!

The tanks close in.

Other games at Area 51 that day - Fields of Glory 15mm Ancients.

More FoG.

The Soviet tanks crush the German defenders.

Thinned by artillery and machinegun fire, the Cossacks and tanks close in.

Last gasp fighting by the Germans in the center.

Cleared of the enemy, Soviet tanks move out of town.

That's a lot of turrets!

Dismounted Cossacks.

Some German crap.

More German reinforcements. There are not enough.

The final German position is captured by the tanks and Cossacks.

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