25mm Napoleonics

French and Russians at Area 51.

April 11th, 2010

Steve and Scott defend the town and church with the Russians.

Scott is helping me with the French.

The converged grenadiers are lined up for assault.

French hussars attack, forcing the Russians into square and delaying them getting into position.

French grenadiers assault the church.

Full Thrust games at Area 51.

WWII air combat game, Check Your Six!

Back at the battle, the Russians counter-attack and drive the Legere out of the woods.

Russian Grenadiers attack the massive French phalanx in front of the town.

View of the battle.

Bavarians attack in the center...who thought of that crazy plan? (me)

Fighting between cavalry and infantry around the town.

When the battalions are 'bunched up' they take lots of casualties...
The French run low on men.

French Cuirassiers cross the water trying to reinforce the attack.
But it's too late and all they can do is cover the retreat.

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