25mm Ancients game April 23, 2010
Using Might of Arms

Six players, Greeks vs. Persians, about 1600 points each side.

The Persian army deploys with strong cavalry wings and the Greeks have a solid hoplite phalanx.

Persian Immortals, one unit anchored each end of the Persian infantry line.

The Spartans form up on the right of the Greek line.

The Athenians and allied Greeks form the rest of the phalanx,
screened by skirmishers to avoid the Persian missile fire.

Both sides are ready for battle. The dog thinks he should play too....

Action on the Greek right, with Persian cavalry stalling the Spartans.

The Greek left is anchored on a set of woods. The Persians dare the hoplites
to advance, which they do behind the skirmish screen.

Persian and and Greek support units train for the Ice Capades.

On the Greek left, Peltasts drive the Persian cavalry back.

The Spartans and Greek cavalry on the right have actually managed to push back the Persians.

In the center, both sides have units become shaken from the pressure.
Greek skirmishers move to support the flank.

Persian infantry exploit a hole in the Greek line, but the cavalry arrive in time to charge
the Persians in the flank, breaking them and most of the Persian infantry line.

Darius makes his escape!

The Persian army begins to collapse.

Greek peltasts swarm around the shaken remnants of the Persian cavalry. Who'd have thunk it?!

An amazing effort for the Greeks against the Persian cavalry.
They do well when somebody tries to pinch their flanks...

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