25mm Napoleonics

Austrians and Prussians vs. French and Westphalians.

April 25th, 2010 at the Rat Palace III

The game from the previous week was over quickly, so we setup again with one brigade per player.

Steve sets out a brigade of Westphalians.

I've got the Prussians opposite the Westphalians.
Scott takes the Austrians vs. Mark's French.

Prussian dragoons.

The Prussians and Westphalians meet at the top of the hill.

Contact is made in the center of the table.

Steve advances the legere.

The Prussians push hard for the guns.

French Hussars move around the flank and the infantry get into a firefight.
The Prussian cavalry forces Westphalian grenadiers into square, to be pounded by the guns.

The Austrians collapse on the left, but push hard on the right.

2nd Hussars.

The Hussars charge the Prussians!.

Here, the Hussars end up in front of the Prussian guns...

And they finally go back into the display case.

The Austrians are losing men fast.

The Prussian attack on the guns is stopped. The Jaegers will try to screen the guns.

Steve seems content.

The Westphalian guns open up a devastating counter-battery fire on the Prussian guns.

The Austrian guns suffer a similar fate.

Prussian Dragoons charge, destroying one Westphalian battalion that fails to form square.
The other only remaining battalion forms square and covers the gunners.

Bad news for the Prussians...guns at close range shooting at a column.

One battalion and one battery of guns EACH are left.

The Austrians are down to their last battalion.

The Prussian battalion advances on the guns, but is destroyed. Game over.

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