Warmaster Napoleonics.
I got to play some 10mm Napoleonics using Warmaster.

May 8th, 2010 at Area 51

A British force under Picton, with Spanish allies, try to stop the French
from take their looted spoils from Spain. The wagons must make it across the table
for the French to win.

My Spanish irregular cavalry rush forward to grab the loot!

Picton moves up to support the cavalry, and the Portuguese advance to the town.

10mm figures are hard to photograph. These are British....

One unit of Spanish cavalry tries to break through the French lines as the wagons move by.

On the Allied left, the French press home an agressive attack.

This is suppose to be a close up of some Young Guard (in the Pennisula) wearing bearskins...

The Spanish cavalry, facing the French magic cannons that can't hit the French attacking from the rear.

For six turns my British couldn't move - frankly...Warmaster sucks.

Confederate and Union wagons. Maybe they have AK47s...


British Highlanders are anniliated in a firefight.

Another 'Warmaster sandwich' destroys a unit.

Nothing left but the Spanish, but only because they almost never moved.
If you enjoy these rules, good for you. But they have nothing to do with Napoleonic warfare.

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