Random Flames of War Game

Brits and Yanks vs. Krauts

May 15th, 2010 at the RPIII

I have a rival for the name "Clay"...he is now known as "Good Clay".
Welcome to the club! Also, Mark gets to try out his new Brits.

NO - this is NOT a box emptier!

Even though it's not a box emptier, we don't use 'points', just the 'honor' system
to set out a company of stuff and fight a generic battle. I'm a pussy, being afraid
of Mark's LRDG, I setup some 88s. And they needed Pak40s to defend them, right?
And they need some MG42s to protect against infantry...it ain't no big thang.....

Allen's British tanks - there's a Firefly.

Steve said "Mid-late war"....and facing those British tanks I decided to play my 'new' Panthers!
I painted them five years ago and think this is the first time they have seen action.


Mark's scouts and LRDG move onto the village.

Scott's tanks. All of them. He did the 'box emptier' thing...

Look at how Panthers can fry up some British tanks at long range...

My Marders are going to sneak around the flank, but get stuck in the stream.

Steve's Panzergrenadiers get out and push their transports up to the village.

Did I mention my Hummels? I only had three, and just dueled with Scott's SIX Priests.

My 88. I think this was supposed to be a significant photo, but I can't remember why.

Allen puts up a good fight.

Mark and Steve fight over the village.

Good Clay brings Scott to a halt at the tree line.

Allen was concerned about my Panthers....I think he was right.
This is his last stand! (At least he killed one).

One of the Marder's makes it through the woods (cool photo!).

Allen's British go down fighting.

I had to park a TIGER TANK in one village and realize that Panthers suck against infantry.
Mark fought this thing to a draw!

We (the Germans) won the tank fight...but not the battle!
Mark pulled out an upset draw...great job there.

So let's go eat.

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I still can't get them all to look at the camera.

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