LSHM Lasalle test game

June 13th, 2010 at Area 51

Jeff Key's group officially tries Lasalle for the first time.
Steve Miller and myself put together 15mm armies to give it a shot.

We have four French and four Allies. Actually, two of the French forces are Bavarians.

Steve and his Austrian Grenadier force.

The game starts. We French are trying to capture the three towns.

Artillery (on a hill, no less) pound my infantry.

We had to get the books out often, understandable in a learning game.

My French capture a town, but will have to defend it against the Austrians.

Austrian Grenadiers facing my guns.

You'll notice how the charts change at this point.
Steve and I got tired of waiting 30 minutes to move, so played our own set!

French infantry attacking the Austrians. Bad move as they were routed!

Austrian Cuirassiers charge through the guns. The artillery
crew find protection in the French battalion, which forms square.

The action continues (slowly) on the rest of the table.

Steve's Austrians finally destroy my guns and my right flank collapses,
protected only by a single infantry battalion in square.
But the infantry in town continue to drive off the attacking Grenadiers.

View from the Austrian side - my Dragoons showed up from reserve! (four regiments).

Giant pudpool in the Lasalle game on my left. This is not attractive
because they didn't use battalions this way. Not good.....

Austrians collapse my left.

My Cuirassiers show up just in time!
The Dragoons begin to run the "Gauntlet of Death"
as the Cuirassiers reinforce the left.

Steves Austrian Cuirassiers.

Overview of the battle.

My Dragoons make the run past the Grenadiers and into the guns...
I had to try!

Well, it's over as a pretty good stalemate. My French infantry in the town
have been able to hold off the Austrian Grenadiers, but there is not time enough
to work my way to those guns because the Lasalle game has ended (due to exhaustion)
and Jeff Key wants his terrain mat back!. (The woods, hills and towns are mine).

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