D'Erlon's attack at Waterloo

15mm game using Napoleon at War rules

July 15th, 2012 at the Great Hall Games in Austin, TX

The British and their Allies have setup behind the ridge,
in typical cowardly British fasion....

I'm commanding D'Erlon's 2nd Division. My objective is to capture La Haie Sainte.

Gordon's "Fickle Finger of Fate" chooses the dead from the French Grand Battery bombardment.

The French 2nd division drives the Allies from the woods outside the farmhouse.

La Haie Sainte is clearly a major objective and both sides prepare to fight for it.

Francisco moves some of his battalions in support of the attack on La Haie Sainte.
It's a brave order with all those guns in front of him.

D'Erlon's Corps makes contact with the main British/Allied line.

French battalions engage with bayonets!

The Allies are supported by the Union Brigade, which arrives just in time.

The Scots Greys charge in.

The silly French are caught in line and are swept from the field.
The Grand Battery will make the Greys pay....

The fighting in La Haie Sainte is difficult and desperate, but the French move in.

A French battalion prepares to clear the last building of British troops.

Francisco attacks the center of the Allied line!

The Union Brigade turns on the 3rd division, but are driven off.

British Heavy Cavalry retire from the failed charge.

Fighting on the French right reaches the breaking point.

A French battalion captures the Sandpit!

French cavalry try to roll up the British line, but the squares are too tough.
It was a great game, with the British/Allied side pulling out a very narrow victory.

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