ECW game, July 22nd, 2009

Steve is using MOA for his English Civil War games now.

Sandy dropped by for a visit and tried out the game.

Steve's photos.

Royalist artillery

Steve takes a photo of HIS collection.

Sandy wants a photo shootout.

Three way shootout! Sandy loses...

I have no idea why I took this photo, but at least everyone's in the report.

Cavalry battle starts on the Royalist left flank.

Another cavalry fight on the Royalist right.

This is me showing off my new Historicon 25th anniversary tape measure.

The Royalists win on the left.

Sandy wonders how much stuff his artillery can kill.

Parlimentary infantry get ready for a cavalry onslaught.

Royalists cavalry collapses the Parlimentary army's flanks.

The last of the Parlimentary cavalry runs off.

The Royalist cavalry cannot break the infantry guarding the flank.

Infantry push in the center.

Sandy's scratch built windmill.

More of Sandy's buildings.

Everything starts going bad for everybody!

The Royalists win! (barely)

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