25mm Ancients game August 15th, 2010
Using Might of Arms

Five players, 3000 points per side. Carthaginians, Early Imperial Romans,
and Assyrians vs. Late Romans and Scots.

The armies deploy in waves because we have so many troops!

Bob is enjoying the chance to game, with his favorite angel looking over his shoulder...

Roman legions.

The Auxilia advance to soften up the enemy.

Four units of Auxilia range out in front of the Roman lines,
pressing the attack as the artillery deploys on top of the hill.

In the pivotal moment of the battle, Allen's Carthaginian elephants rout through
Bob's army, stampeding on EIGHT units, leaving them fatigued and shaken.

The barbarians are having a rough time of it.

The Auxilia are fully engaged.

The center of the combined Late Roman/Barbarian army.

30+ year old Hinchliffe Romans.

Close up of the Auxilia, as they put up a good fight.

Eventually the Auxilia fold and the Roman line moves up to engage.

The Carthaginians advance against the seemingly never-ending mass of barbarians.

Assyrians hold the flank against strong infantry and cavalry attacks.

The main battlelines engage.

Uh oh, a shaken unit in the barbarian line.

Heavy cavalry pound on the Assyrians in a relentless series of wave attacks, but the Assyrians hold firm.

Steve tosses his general (Arthur) into the fighting.

It's not enough - the Late Roman line routs!

Not long ago, Allen wouldn't have been able to put his hands on that part of the table, there were so many Scots.

Steve and "Good" Clay had a tough fight, but the Assyrians held out.

Bob just never seemed to run out of guys! He still had a line of them in the fight when we called the game.
Maybe it was that angel on his shoulder...

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