Fake battle of Antietam

Using our 25mm ACW and Fire & Fury rules.

September 07, 2009.

Steve's photos.

Eric and Allen organize the troops.

Bob sets up to defend the 'fake' sunken road (wall, whatever)

"Blackfoot" Steve and Tex.

Steve B. and Scott goof off while Eric and Allen work.

The attack begins! My Yanks go after the "sunken road/wall"....

The Union army advances.

Fight at the wall (sorry, sunken road)

We made it over! (Or under. Whatever)

Confederate counter-attack clears the wall.

The Rebels pursue all the way into the Union lines!

Pell-mell advance by Johnny-Reb.

Union columns marching to battle.

We need to take the church, so reinforcements head that way.

The impetuous Confederates are caught in a crossfire.

Eric contemplates his strategy...

Steve B.'s reinforcements come in close to the church.

While the Union reinforcements enter from the farthest flank!

The Yankees mass for an attack on the objective.

Massive waves of Union brigades attacking the Confederate flank.

The Union is finally able to make a push forward.

Remains of the post-fajita-burn chow down.
(An army moves on its stomach!)

This is why we only use a six foot wide table.

The road to the Rat Palace III crosses the "Boxcar Willie Memorial Overpass".
Just sayin'.

Too many troops, not enough room (yeah right).

Yanks close in on the church.

The Union attack on the church is crushed by the combined Rebel reinforcements.

The Confederate right flank didn't receive those reinforcements, and are driven back.

The fighting is mixed up in the center.

Eric, Steve and Steve. The South's finest!

Allen, Scott and myself (as the flash of light in the mirror)
...fighting for the benefits of a strong Federal government.

Both sides fight hard, but are wearing out near the church.

The final push on the Confederate right flank.

The collapse is complete.

The Yankees are finally defeated near the church and driven off.

There are pleny of Union reinforcements on the way, but we just don't have enough daylight.

The battle is called as a narrow, but well-earned Confederate victory.

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