25mm Ancients game on Halloween, 2009
Using Might of Arms

Five players, 2250 points per side. The "Alliance of the Two Steves" combined those historical powerhouses
(and enemies) Egypt and Assyria. Facing them was a really pathetic group of Allen's Carthaginians,
Scott's Romans and my "Americans" (outsourced to India).

Here is my army with a large engineering staff backed up by an even larger group of help desk support teams.

Opening of the battle. The Carthaginians face off against the Egyptians while the Romans and Indians attack the Assyrians.

Egyptian infantry.

Elephants and Chariots move up to mess with the Assyrians

Assyrians archers fail to stop the charging elephants and falter

Carthaginian Heavy Infantry. They look good, which is all that matters.

My Indian cavalry support the Carthaginians (see Allen, you did not fight them alone!)
by driving away the skirmishers and running into a wall of Egyptians.

Elephants push forward

The Carthaginian first wave is destroyed.

My poor cavalry are shaken, shot up and trying to rally.

A dead elephant marks the spot where some Carthaginian elephants tried to break
through the Egyptian line. The chariots now have an opening...not good for me!

Carthaginian and Indian infantry face the Egyptian threat

Scott's Heavy Infantry. This is ALL there are!

One of my elephant units routs! And they run right through the Assyrians! Aww....I almost planned that.

Now the other elephant unit routs through the Roman cavalry (who cares?) and more Assyrians.

Indian chariots move onto the flank of the Assyrian line as the Indian infantry shoot down their general.
One unit moves to cover the flank where the Carthaginians are folding

That's a massive gap in the allied battleline. Hopefully the infantry can hold a bit and the cavalry can rally.

Steve B. looks in the rulebook to see if his chariots can declare a charge on a unit BEHIND THEM!
Steve M. gives him the hook.

Steve M. laughs as he knows he's caught opening a beer with his shirt.
(There ya go Steve, I covered for you, so paint some troops for me)

Egyptian Sea Peoples

So much for the infantry holding. The Carthaginians are destroyed and the Indians are being flanked.

I had to talk him into it, but Scott actually did put one of his Heavy Infantry units into the fight.
But the battle was over as the Carthaginians were gone and we were going to get rolled up.

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