25mm Ancients game November 7th, 2010
Using Might of Arms

We decided to build a list out of what we have and then randomly roll for six units.

I put together a list of ten units from my Persian army representing a fair spread of troops.

These were the dice rolls....

And I ended up with this amazing force - two units of Immortals and two Persian Elite cavalry!

We start the battle with the Egyptians on my right.

My skirmishers help the Egyptian chariots rout the Roman cavalry!

Steve's Mongols swarm over me.

The Egyptians put up a good fight against the Romans.

Genghis Miller looks on....

Scottus Maximus commands the Romans.

Egyptian chariots flank the Roman infantry.

Mongols launching a series of fierce attacks on my Persians.

It's a tough fight, but I'm able to bring the Immortals over to turn the fight.

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