Bavarian Grill Napoleonics Game

French vs. Austrians, Dec. 29th, 2009

Some of us gathered in the Biergarten at the Bavarian Grill in Plano, TX
for a 15mm Napoleonics game. Well, for great food, beer, snacks and a game.

Here are the one-page rules we used for the game.

Steve's blog with photos and battle report.

Michael Genet, Steve Miller and Bob Hall joined me at the Bavarian Grill
to push troops, eat food and drink beer.

Our initial setup, Austrians on the left, French on the right.

The Austrians are arrayed for battle and ready to advance.

The French are prepared to meet them.

Can you have a game more "Beer and Pretzel" than this?
Yes, that is my personal stein....

French skirmishers engage the Austrian right.

The Austrians move their guns to the center hill.
The French will try to capture it with one brigade.

French dragoons follow the Legere regiment to attack the Austrian right flank.

Schwarzbier and a mixed salad (cold green beans, beets,
cole slaw, tomatoes and cucumbers)

Steve chows down on a ham hock.

I had the Jaeger Schnitzel with a Schwarzbier.

Michael ordered the Frikassee

Oh yeah, there's fighting on the hill.
That's an Austrian battalion charging the French.

This should be "Phase 1", but you're seeing double...

The French dragoons advance and are met by cannister from the guns.

Austrian Cuirassiers in reserve. The rules are clear...

Steve Bidwell joined us for a while to share some beers and push some troops.

The food is eaten, and Michael has switched to WATER.

There is more drinking to come. Here we see the price to be paid
for activating the Old Guard....worth every penny!

We also managed to drain the last of the Paulaner Hefeweissen.

So more Schwartzbier for me! (And a shot of Apfelkorn)

The Dragoons charge the guns! (they don't survive)

Heavy fighting on the center hill.

The French bombard an Austrian battalion protecting the right flank
and assault it with an entire regiment.

The French Cuirassiers make their arrival.

Empty kegs

Steve stacks the shot glasses.

This is what the battle looked like to me about now.

We could have made room for more, now that I see the photo.

The French collapse the Austrian flank, with the second Dragoon
regiment charging, supported by the infantry battalions. The
artillery is supported by an Austrian unit in battalion masse.
They are also backed up by some Cuirassiers, who charge the Dragoons.

Big fat melee over the flank.

The Bavarian Grill's Christmas Train is still up!

The Old Guard advances, supported by heavy cavalry.

Oh no! We nearly had "Buttered Cuirassiers" when I dropped my
roll. This is an acceptable hazard for wargaming this way.

The Austrian masse holds steady while the guns on the hill
punish the attacking French battalions. The Old Guard approaches...

Overhead view. The Austrian left advanced far and flanked the French
guns, but a brigade in reserve is wearing the Austrians down.

This is a brilliant cavalry charge (about time, Steve) that catches
many Austrian battalions unprepared.

I had to order some potato pancakes....still hungry.

The Austrians on the left are destroyed by the cavalry charge.

The Grenadiers of the Old Guard attack the Austrian battalion holding the hill.

There's a lot less troops now...

The Guard takes the hill. Figures. Still worth it....

Our resident banking expert works on the bill.

The price for this day of good times.

And when I go outside - it's SNOWING.

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