Napoleonics Game using Lasalle

French vs. Austrians, Dec. 27th, 2009

Lloyd Eaker hosted a game at his house, using the new Lasalle rules.

The armies are setup for battle.

Lloyd reviews the rules with us.

Hmm...there's a joke Bill being optimistic?

Cavalry action begins on the flank.

We being the 'line abreast' vs. 'waves' issue with cavalry.

Herb is moving up on the other flank.

See those Austrians sitting still? That's me....

French infantry approach my position.

The Austrian cavalry are winning!

I think the cavalry action is slowing down the rest of us...but we're getting there.

Herb, cheer up! You made it this far.

A massive scrum on the Austrian left.

Both sides are fully engaged on the Austrian left flank.

The French eventually drive off the Austrian cavalry (barely).
Now, Bill moves up the center with his infantry.

Fighting in the center.

The Austrians move through a gap in the French lines.
Check out the dice rolls!

I make it all the way to the French 12 pounders.

Miraculous ending. With the Austrians having to test (and pass) an army morale
test each turn, we attacked the French hard, breaking enough to force them to test
....and they failed! Austrian victory (very close).

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