The Battle of Brioche
May, 1940 (really May, 2009)

Steve put together a nice historical scenario for us.

Rommel attempts to capture the pro-communist village of Brioche. The French are not allowed to occupy the town.

What would the Battle of Brioche be without some food?

The French are not allowed to dig in within the town, so they begin the battle nearby.

Rommel's forces arrive via the road.

The French spend valuable time finishing their brioches... the Germans begin to deploy for the attack.

French scout cars move up on the flank.

French tanks climb the hill on the other flank.

The German column continues to deploy as the French dig in on both sides of the town.

The German attack begins after the AT guns drive off the French scout cars.
Artillery pounds the French infantry and guns..

A wider view of the German advance.

French scout cars, brave little fools.....

French tanks crest the hill, but are driven back by artillery fire and air strikes.

The German advance is slow and cautious, but the tanks have arrived to support the assault.

Notice the 88s approaching the hill.

French tanks run like rats when they see the 88!

This gun is in a perfect position to support the attack.

The French armor is being destroyed just as the German infantry move into position to attack.

German troops enter the village.

The French, without defence against the German armor, retreat and leave the communists to their new German friends..

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