Clay's Dogs of War

I've had this army since the Dogs of War army was first released. Back then, it was all Regiments of Renown.
That is the way I still play it, even though they SUCK. Oh well. It's about fun, not winning.
The bizarre thing is that so many people think this is an over-powered army!
Even with the Dragon Prince, it is so incredibly weak.

Another issue I've had has been the terrible luck of this army. It has had a brutal life.
The figures have been mangled to no end, the cats even destroyed the whole army once (every single figure broken).
And GW seems determined to screw it over whenever possible. There are (very expensive $$$) units that I have not
completed yet because my personal morale has been so low over this army. But I've never given it up!

The characters. This army requires so many characters, and all of them are PUNKS
(starting with the USELESS Paymaster).
Notice the different basing styles. This is because I can't make up my mind....

Pikemen. Ricco's Republican Guard and the Alcatani Fellowship.
They fight in four ranks! It doesn't help...they still suck.
Against goblins, the Alcatani Fellowship have an even fight...

Voland's Venators. Here is a unit that can hold it's own.

Al Muktar's Desert Dogs. Funny that - an Islamic name with "Dog" in it!.
However, they fight amazingly well..or at least they used to. GW now requires SIX FIGURES in this unit
for some odd reason. The boxed set has five. Don't you just love GW?

Golgfag's Ogres. This is the best unit in the army.

Yay! Bronzino's Galloper gun! Yet another unit that everyone thinks is so over-powered.
165 points for a weak gun and crappy character. It USED to be a good unit that could move and shoot.

Birdmen of Catrazza. I loved these guys when the army first came out.
Now they are the most useless unit in the entire game.

Asarnil the Dragonlord. He's actually pretty good, but weaker than you think.
Players cry like babies when I use him. Why? Isn't it okay for me to have a chance to win?
I used to be able to take him in a 1000 point list, but not anymore because of the number of
characters required.

The whole army. It's been rebuilt, repaired and repainted off and on for years.

Here's a couple of action photos of Asarnil taking the fight to the enemy,
basically because he's the only one left in the army!
(This army really is terrible. Did I mention that?)

Remember when Bretonnians could fight in wedge?
Bring 'em on! It's like a cowboy kicking a beer can in an empty warehouse...

Deathfang eyes his lunch...

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