Millenniumcon 12

November 7, 2009

I made it to Millenniumcon in Austin, but only for one game.
My ride ended up in the hospital (again), so I decided to just
drive down in the morning, play in Jim Dunham's Waterloo game,
and drive back. Here are some photos.

Jim was representing the LSHM-Waco chapter, and here are their photos of the game.

A complete situation report at 1500 hours.

Photos of Jim building the terrain.

It helps to brush up on the Orders of Battle.

Time to leave for Austin - I want to get there in plenty of time.

I made it with time to get a meal and help Jim setup the game.

Jim created this table just for the game. The figures are 10mm GHQ.
During setup, it all is coming together very Waterloo-ish.

Strolling around, looking at other games...

Flames of War Omaha beach

Steve B. commands some Brits in a Sharpe's Practice game.

John A.'s on the other side.

25mm France 1940

Canvas Eagles WWI air combat. I love the table.

Okay, back to Waterloo. Here is Hougoumont.

Setup complete, it looks amazing.

View from the Allied side.


Jim decides the French need more flags

I helped put the flags together - here's a new photo of the setup.

Picton - obviously a little hung over, hence the blurry photo.

The rules are computer moderated Carnage and Glory.

D'Erlon's corps looking across the muddy ground, with La Haye Saint on the right
and Hougoumont in the background.

Players arrive and get ready. I'm Marshal Ney...("MARSHAL OF FRANCE!")

The battle starts. D'Erlon's Corps gets clever and tries to move around the Allied left.

Al Pare gave me a periscope.

Here's a good view of the British from the French lines.

Mike Gomez is back with his Chariot race game.

Reille's Corps moves to the left of Hougoumont.
Lobau's Corps is attacking the Allied right. D'Erlon continues his flanking maneuver and sets up a Grand Battery in the center.

A closer view of the action on the Allied left. I'm commanding the Cavalry Corps
and move some Cuirassiers to the flank (which just bothers me to no end).

The mud finally dries, and the rest of D'Erlon's corps launches.

In a massive deviation from history, I ordered Lobau's corps to attack between
Hougoumont and La Haye Sainte. In the real battle, these troops fought the Prussians.
However, since Jim commanded Napoleon and decided we couldn't have the Guard until he said so,
(which is quite right) I planned to force the Guard into action by committing EVERYTHING so
when the Prussians arrived, the Guard would be the only reserve we had!

We had a big cavalry scrum on the Allied left, and drove back their flank. Which was the plan.

D'Erlon captures Le Haye Sainte! The battle is won! (no, not really)

Frustrated at my own inaction, I took two batteries of horse artillery to the top of
the hill, right in front of the Allied lines. This tactic was considered debatable at the time.

Lobau's corp in full contact with the best British troops.
D'Erlon's corps approaches Picton's division.

This is me smiling as I throw Ney into the middle of the fighting.
For the record, Ney had a horse shot out from under him, so that's a big win in my book!

Damn blurry photos....

Dutch troops on the Allied left are under heavy attack. They don't hold.

Al Pare, an old friend I'd just lost touch of years ago.

With D'Erlon putting pressure on the Allied left, I launched my Cuirassiers
through the guns straight into their lines.

Ney takes command of the heavy cavalry.

The Scots Greys! My cavalry charge drives away the infantry and catches the Greys,
driving them to the edge of the table and taking them out of the battle.

The Greys fall back through the infantry.

The Hanoverians are the "Man of the Match" for the Allies, counter-attacking and
wrecking Lobau's corps. Good, I have Cuirassiers that need something to do!

Reille's corps is hung up on the Allied right.
Lobau's corps ROUTED Maitland's brigade and drove off the best British troops,
before being virtually destroyed by the Heroic Hanoverians.
The Hanoverians retire beside Le Haye Sainte, knowing what's coming.

I think it's about 2:30 PM...the Prussians arrive! (early)

The Cuirassiers chase the Grey's to the edge of the table.

The Allied right is holding, but their left is a mess.

Reille's Corps. Honestly, I was disappointed that they could not advance
nor keep the troops in Hougoumont occupied enough to prevent them from shooting up Lobau's Corps.

D'Erlon is a monster. Not only did this player capture Le Haye Sainte, drive the
Allies back on their left and wreck their cavalry, he is now going after the Prussians.

The Allied Army quits the field with over 20,000 casualties (to about 8,000 French).
(Actually, we were told to pick up as it was 11:00 PM and they had to lock up!)
Anyway, the morale failure was real, so the French win. You can see the Young Guard finally,
moving to engage the Prussians. Poor Prussians didn't get to fight!

Kellerman's Cuirassiers took revenge on the Hanoverians
in one final Coup de grace. (Sans the "Grace")

Game's over. Pick up your dead...


The Armee du Nord has suffered losses of:
[ 11%] 8606 men of all arms
incl.[ 1%] 1278 prisoners of all arms
[ 12%] 6725 bayonets
[ 6%] 1081 sabres
[ 12%] 800 artillerists
20 cannons lost
Honors: [ 126] 2nd Brigade (Grenier)

Losses include 2 standard[s]:
[ 129] 2nd Brigade (Brue)
[ 131] 2nd Bde (Lancers) 1st Cav Div

Losses include 1 General[s]:
[ 123] Durutte Captured

The Anglo-Allied/Lower Rhine has suffered losses of:
[ 17%] 20182 men of all arms
incl.[ 3%] 4610 prisoners of all arms
[ 17%] 16238 bayonets
[ 16%] 3038 sabres
[ 12%] 906 artillerists
30 cannons lost

Honors: [ 524] Bijlandtt's Brigade

Losses include 4 standard[s]:
[ 506] Keilmannsegge's Bde
[ 521] Best's Brigade
[ 526] 28th Orange/Nassau Regt

Fill up before driving back. This means I spent about $50 in gas...worth it!

Home at 2:00 AM, very tired. It was a great experience. Thanks Jim!

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