25mm Napoleonics

Complete collection as of Jan. 24, 2010

This is my collection of 25mm Napoleonics, gathered off and on for the past 30 years.

Almost all of the French.

This is a complete corps of French.
Corps command, with corps artillery battery of 12 pounders
Three infantry divisions of 12 infantry battalions and one artillery battery each
(organized into two brigades of two regiments each, three battalions per regiment)
One cavalry division of four regiments of light cavalry
Brigade and division commanders (the cavalry division commander is Lasalle)

Perry plastics.

5th Hussars and 11th Chasseurs, plus commander
from the Dave Allsop limited edition Old Glory boxed set

Old Guard Grenadiers

Mirliton French infantry

A Brigade of Front Rank French infantry

An entire division painted by myself

Light cavalry division
5th and 8th Hussars
11th and 16th Chasseurs

A brigade of French infantry from Glory! games
These were sculpted, cast and painted in China

The Glory! figures are cast to fit in pre-cut wooden bases,
with a magnet glued into a hole in the bottom of the figure to
keep them in place and allow casualty removal.
For me, it's a pain in the ass.

A Bavarian brigade. I still need to add Light infantry and Chevaux-leger
(Infantry painted a very long time ago by Steve Miller)

Front Rank cavalry, Cuirassiers and 1809 Carabiniers

Collection of various French generals, including Napoleon.

Beautiful Napoleonics painted by Ed Phillips 30 years ago

Dragoons from Ed Phillips - notice the pinned swords

A close-up of Ed's infantry

Oops! I need to be careful when handling figures with pins as weapons.

It is sometimes painful to play with antiques like this.
(but worth it)

An entire division of old Minifigs

I don't know who painted them, but he did a good job

Mirliton artillery limbers, the best

Napoleon oversees my French artillery

The mounted band! (painted by Steve Miller)

The Foundry vignette of Napoleon and his staff.
I just stuck them all on the same base.

The entire Austrian collection

Ed Phillips painted Austrians

A close up of the band

Austrian cavalry; dragoons, Cuirassier, Hussars and Uhlans


Old Glory Austrian infantry

The British, 15 battalions of infantry, 3 artillery batteries and two cavalry regiments
Some of this collection was painted by Peter Gilder

Gilder British

David Jones gave me his Prussians. I added some figures and
contacted Ian Hinds to cast them for me as they are all Hinchliffe

This is all of the misc. crap that I don't use
Except for that Austrian general for the Phillips troops...found it!
There seems to be a large amount of British cavalry...include some Scots Greys
The 95th rifle figures just don't look good enough
Those are Empress Dragoons on the right. They look good, but are way too small to fit in.
I have lots of spare cavalry figures and artillery bits.

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