25mm Napoleonics

French vs. Russians, Jan. 3, 2009

It was time to end the holiday family thing
and get some fighting on!

The armies are deployed and begin the battle.

The French elite assault force of converged grenadiers and voltigiers is assembled.
(These figures are part of Peter Guilder's collection and I bought them this Christmas as a present to myself!

French Legere screen the assault by fighting with the Russians in the town.

The Russian center advances.

Here the French assault force, supported by a regiment of infantry and artillery
approaches the town. The Russian forces, though few, have suffered few casualties so far.

On the other flank, French and Russian infantry begin a bloody struggle for the high ground.

Both sides suffered high casualties, but it is the Russian advance that has stalled.
Russian cavalry is approaching the flank of the French position, however. This is bad (for the French).

The timely arrival of a Bavarian brigade steadies the French position.

The French assaults on the town were repulsed and the attacking brigade is spent.
Russian grenadiers arrived in time to drive the French out of the town.
The attack has failed and the French withdraw from the field.

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