25mm Napoleonics

French vs. Russians, Jan. 10, 2009

We get back together for a rematch....

The "Battle of Fake Waterloo" begins.

The French assault force of converged grenadiers and supporting units begin their attack on the town,
held by two Russian battalions.

The French Dragoons charge into three Russian dragoon regiments!
Cameron takes photos from his side.

Steve refuse the right flank as the Grenadiers advance up the middle. Genius or no?

French Cuirassiers arrive over the hill.

The fighting in the center is thick as the Russian grenadiers are unleashed on the French vanguard.
Supporting Cuirassiers force the French into square.

The Russian right flank is pinned down by French cavalry charges, supported by infantry and artillery.

With the French holding the town and the Russians pinned down on the flank,
the battle will be decided in the center. A fresh brigade of Bavarians has arrived from reserve on the road.

Russian officers evade capture!

Some Russian hussars are stuck milling around behind French lines and receive a volley of bullets for their mistake.

The French center destroyed and the Bavarians run into the ground,
The final Russian advance begins. The French army retires from the field.

More photos from Cameron

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