25mm Napoleonics

A British force comes to the aid of their Spanish allies.

February 13, 2010 at Area 51

Steve's photos and batrep.

Pursued by the French, Spanish General Cuervo turns his small force of six infantry battalions,
one cavalry regiment and an artillery battery to face his enemy.

The general forms a thin line of battle, anchored on a sturdy farmhouse
with his cavalry in reserve.

With the French advancing, a British brigade arrives in support.

The Spanish infantry on the left wisely form square in front
of the French Chasseurs and Hussars.

Gen. Cuervo leaves his battalions in square to form up the troops
supporting the artillery. The first British battalion arrives to assist.

A French column attacks the troops defending the woods beside the farmhouse.

At the same time, another French column lays into a British battalion before it can deploy.

The British move into position as Gen. Cuervo counter-attacks with one battalion.

A regiment of French Chasseurs charges through the British guns, a battalion of Spanish
and a battalion of British marching forward in column. The Chasseurs are only stopped by
the supporting Spanish cavalry. The Spanish square survives, but the British units are routed!

Another French regiment (of Dragoons) charges on the flank
and overruns another British battery! Both British artillery
units are destroyed - at the same time.

The Chasseurs recall from their successful charge. The attacking Spanish battalion
has been halted and formed line to start a firefight. An additional French brigade arrives.

Action on the Allied right flank, under heavy attack by the French.
Two columns attack the British and a third battalions is in a firefight
with the Spanish troops in the woods. French Dragoons menance nearby.

British and French hussars mix it up.

Both sides inflict heavy casualties near the farmhouse.

The Spanish dragoons attempt to redeploy to the flank, to face the
dreaded dragoons. But the French artillery pounding the center drives
them off the field.

The British square has driven off the attacking French column,
but has suffered casualties. Using a "Heroic Event", Marshal Miller
attacks the square with his dragoons and destroys it!

The victorious dragoons.

Our rules for "Heroic Events". Normally, squares cannot be broken by cavalry.

Both sides pour more battalions into the fighting around the farmhouse.
Another French brigade of conscripts (4th battalions) arrives to continue the attack.
The dreaded dragoons form up for another charge.

With British cavalry nearby, an entire brigade of infantry forms square.
They are pounded by the Spanish artillery.

Gen. Cuervo has been holding out against amazing odds. That "Six" ended his effort.

The French dragoons crash into the flank of the British battalion.
It was unable to form square earlier due to the smoke and confusion
of the firefight with the French battalion. It had a chance to form
emergency square, but the order failed to get through in time.

Another 'six' for morale! The Allied center starts to fold along with the flank.

Desperate to drive off the remaining French Hussars, the British charge.
But the silly goons fail to recall and are stuck in a senseless melee with no result.
The only Allied battery left - Spanish - is outnumbered by the French artillery and reduced.

With resistance crumbling, the British and Spanish decide to retire with what is
left of their armies and get some beer and BBQ.

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