25mm Napoleonics

French vs. Russians and Austrians, March 1st, 2009

Day one of the battle....

Steve's battle report

The Russo-Austrian line begins to advance.

French skirmishers in the woods

Clay sends the French light cavalry brigade on a mission around the Russian flank

Close up of the Austrian advance.

French Legere prepare their defense against the Austrians.

Russian infantry.

Scott and Steve like to advance to arm's reach

The Austrians attack the French defense from two sides.

Russian Dragoons arrive to stop the French cavalry advance.

A good view of the French left and center.

Clay's prized unit of Ed Phillip's painted French Dragoons.

The Russians finally get off their hands and attach the French in the center.

And the Russians advance on the flank as well.

A reserve battalion stops the Russians.

Steve has the answer for moving past arms reach. No more delays!

Russian Hussars press the Bavarians on the French right.

More photos from Cameron

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