25mm Napoleonics

French vs. British, June. 13, 2009

The British get their first turn at the French.

Yep, that's the British, with their butts firmly planted on the backside of those hills.
The French are dutifully marching toward the British muskets.

Classic beauties, these figures are about 30 years old.

A French cavalry regiment threatens the British flank.

French infantry at the town.

The battle for the flank begins. British Hussars hit first.

Ordre Mixte!.

Except going into line slows you down....
The dog isn't worried too much.

Both sides swap cavalry regiments. However, the French have more!
The French infantry reach the British on top of the hill.

Some of the French columns make it to the British line.

How about a little musketry to the FACE!

Withering musket fire puts an end to the French attack.

A little clean up on the British left, and the battle is over.

Face to face!

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