25mm Napoleonics

Russian attack on the French, August. 31, 2009

Steve and I borrow a table at the G3 gaming event.

The French are caught with a division on the wrong side of the river.
However, reinforcements are available via the bridge.

Gary Hoover and Steve Miller compare sizes.

A massive Russian force prepares to attack.

Some old Minifigs new to my collection.

Steve opens up with his traditional cavalry charge. Good move there!

Russians advance on both flanks as French reinforcements pour across the bridge.

French infantry battalion.

Columns of Russians advancing over the hill.

The French battalions are reinforced by heavy cavalry.

Russian cavalry charges force the French into squares.

Gaming assist...Russians try to cut off the bridge.

The Russian Grenadiers have blown through the French center, while the cavalry have forced one
French brigade to remain in square, to be blown to pieces by the artillery.

Grendiers break through the French center.

French Light cavalry try to protect the infantry squares.

But there are just too many Russians.

However, the Chasseurs managed to provide enough relief to the infantry squares that a few battalions
are able to counter-attack the Russian Grenadiers. By the bridge, the Russian attack is barely held and the
French heavy cavalry charges in support.

Intense fighting in the center.

The Russians come on while the French can only throw in battalions piecemeal.

The superior numbers of Russian cavalry win the day and the French retire across the river.

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