25mm Napoleonics

Russian, Prussians fight with the French over a crossroad.

November 27, 2009

The objective is this crossroad with the legendary TNIrregular "Three Titty Fountain".

23 battalions of Russians ready for the fight.

Three divisions of French arrive.

A Prussian brigade of nine battlions, their general (me) is trying to figure out
how to negotiate this mess while the French advance on the flank.

A column of French infantry approaches the crossroads and their cavalry reserve arrives.

The Russians advance down the road to meet them!

General view of the Russian side.

Overview of the armies approaching the crossroads.

A Prussian battalion.

A Russian battalion (I need a steady hand...).

Westphalian cavalry arrive!

Tex the giant schnauzer has no worries at all...

First clash in the center. Russians and French fight as the French set up a grand battery.

With the Russian cavalry on the far left flank, this will be an infantry battle.

The Prussians face an overwhelming number of French infantry, guns and cavalry and maintain a defensive posture.

French infantry advance past the crossroads and attack the Russians.

There is a massive scrum on the Russian left.

Russians and French mix it up as the Russian grenadiers are committed to the fight (on the left of the photo).

Russian grenadier battalions.

The Russian heavy artillery has some bad powder.

The Prussians decide to advance against the grand battery to support the fighting in the center.

Both sides are running out of battalions. Who will have the last reserves?

Allied "High Water Mark"...Russians reach the crossroads and the Prussians emerge from the cover of dense terrain.

A French battalion captures a Russian artillery battery.

And using a "Heroic Event", turns the guns on the Russians!

Having slaughtered enough Prussians, the grand battery turns onto the center
as the Russian grenadiers reach the crossroads.

French light cavalry flank the Prussians.

A final deparate charge by one regiment of Russian cavalry comes just short of overrunning the French guns.

The French form square.

The Allies run out of battalions and the French hold the crossroads.

Stinkin' worthless Prussian cavalry, who didn't show up! (failed every reserve roll).

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