Some paintball photos

My first paintball gun, a Bob Long Millennium - with 18" barrel.

My second paintball gun, a Bob Long Autococker.

Check it out...I took it apart! (And it worked when I put it back together)

My custom made Phantom pump gun in stock configuration.

The Phantom with hopper feed and air tank. It plays better without the stock.

My first Angel. The cat likes it.

My baby...a custom Dark Angel made for Viper when he was on Team Blitzkrieg.

That's me, with the Millennium.

That's Jerad and me, before a game. He pretty much taught me how to play paintball.
You can see the Millennium remote setup I used.

Jack Young

Jerad Brown

Steve Miller and his Tippman Flatline. This paintball gun dominates woods games.

I'm in there with a bunch of other 'Red Shirt' Federation Star Fleet guys,
attacking the Klingons at the famous Shatner paintball game in Chicago.

Viper's Holy Grail event, April, 2009

Here I am, working on a paintball marker.

Some refs putting up the fencing at a Viper game.

Krista and Rachel in their first scenario game!

Yours truly playing the "Killer Rabbit" at Viper's Holy Grail event.
Notice the big nasty teeth....

Somehow I was talked into dancing the Time Warp with Tim the Enchanter and the generals of both sides.

Normally this would be embarrassing.

But when I'm already dressed like a rabbit, why worry about dancing?

The French Knights gave me a little prize for the effort.

The Killer Rabbit hanging out.

The Rabbit is now dead, killed by a kid with a holy handgrenade!

Viper's Call for Duty game in Forney, September, 2010

Rachel asked me to take her to another scenario game, and we lucked into a Viper game nearby.

We camped the whole weekend and had a great time getting shot!

Rachel enjoys some 'camp food'.

This is me dressed as a Soviet Commissar.
I yelled at my own players "You will die to their paintballs, or mine!".

Rachel in action.

Her dad (me) with my new favorite marker - a Tippmann A5 with Flatline barrel.

This paintball gun is crushingly effective in the woods, which is my favorite place
to play - in the shade! That's the trick to keep an out of shape guy going.

My team moving through the field.

My first judge punch. The gunner of a tank that had been called out overshot Rachel
as I watched. Big mistake! I leave out the details, but notice I got judge-punched for my response!
I'll do anything to protect my kid....


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