Radio Controlled Big-gun Battleships!
Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like...they don't shoot wimpy BBs at each other...
...they shoot ball bearings!

The USS Iowa

The Akagi. She sinks well!

This is the venue, with a fight in action.

HMS Nelson, in dry dock for maintenance and repair

You can see why...notice the ball bearing in the side...

Battlestations! Watch the Nelson and Scharnhorst duel...
(And see how the Nelson got all of those holes in the previous photo)

The battle begins...(Click to watch)

Both ships are damaged. The pumps on the Scharnhorst throw up a rooster tail
off of the stern. But the Nelson is low in the water and running to shore.

The death of the Nelson, close to shore so nobody needs to go swimming...


The Nelson lies in her grave.

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