Skirmish '08

July 12, 2008

My friends and I have been running a one-day gaming convention since 2006.
Here are some photos of the 2008 day (which was fantastic!).

Kyle, Scott, myself, Steve and Jeff hanging out during the event.
We really have a good time seeing friends each year.

Here is a packed convention room full of happy gamers!

Seven Years War battle of "Zorndork" (ask Allen...)

Flames of War tournament

Cool looking little WWI aeroplanes

The "Fickle Finger of Fate" chooses the next combatant
in Steve Miller's gladiator game....

Steve takes no responsibility for the bloodshed.
Hey, the people want "Bread and Circuses" right?

Zulus fight the evil white man in The Sword and The Flame.

Eric's ACW game, which looks great.

Best of Show
25mm Skirmish-level battle of Stalingrad game.

Ed Teixeira's very creative pulp fiction game.
Everyone who played in it loved it.
Here, Ed is moving figures that are UNDERWATER! Hah!

Jeff Hunt's Napoleonic naval game


Another very nice Zulu game

Flying Saucers! Aliens! This game is always popular.

Very tiny Vietnam

Best Painted
My Napoleonics, thank you very much!

Lloyd's Platea game

The Germans, French and British slaughter each other during WWI...

Desperado at the fake Alamo!

Zombie Mall action
"What? I'm lunch?"

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