Skirmish '09

July 11, 2009

Time for our fourth Skirmish event.
Here are some photos of the 2009 Skimish Games Day.

Reaper miniatures sent some great guys to run demo games of their new Warlord rules.

Tom Primrose always supports us (and gives me a good excuse to buy a book).

Leland Errickson's Sci-Fi space battle game.

Lloyd Eaker's 25mm Napoleonic game, The Battle of Talavera

Fields of Glory 15mm Ancients tournament

Greg Williams' Siege in the Sudan game

Glen Taylor's War of the Ring game.

Steve Bidwell hosts a Flames of War tournament.

John Anhaiser and Matt Bowden play in the FoW tourney.

More FoW action...


More Talavera...

Close up of the British lines facing the French.

Steve Miller's 25mm Ancients game, The Battle of Chalons - 451 A.D.
Attilla's "Tour d'France"

Bob Hall and Michael Genet enjoy the game.

Jeff and Allen. Hi guys!

Mark Swenholt's WWI aeroplane game "Parachutes! What Parachutes?"

Ed Teixeira's French Foreign Legion game

A room full of happy wargamers...

Close up of Ed's FFL game.

More space battle action

We give out awards to puff up our egos

Talavera again! The silly French never learn...

Greg runs his Sudan colonial game again.

WWI trench fight action

The Fields of Glory tournament in action

Tom Primrose's ACW game

A really cool looking Dr. Who game (with flashing lights)

Flames of War is still going too....

David Haynes takes command during The Battle of Whalley, English Civil War.
Steve Miller worked on this game for six months to get it ready.

ECW cavalry action

Allen wants to play "dueling photos"

Finally I can take a picture of a miniature...
Steve's beautiful ECW troops.

David commands one wing of the ECW fight.

Jeff Hunt's Napoleonic Naval game

Ed Teixeira always has the most clever games. Have you seen my monkey?

Ask me in person. But unfortunately one of us had to go here...

Back at the event, Kevin Paul's WWII game

Ron Hamilton's "Lair of the Wyzar al Wahr" game.

Ian Buttridge's 25mm Ancients game, The Battle of Trebia.

More WWI trench action.

The Fields of Glory tournament winds down.

Tom's 6mm ACW game. Don't you love the T-shirt?

"The Fearless Jade Sword of the One Armed Swordsman"

In what is now an annual tradition, the DFWIrregulars end the day at Denny's with a
nutritous and delicious meal...good for the soul if not for the heart!

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