Skirmish 2010

July 31, 2010

Our fifth Skirmish event.
Here are some photos.

Players looking over the games laid out on the registration desk.

Signing up.

The gaming room filling up - we had about 100 people, way more than ever.

Eric Wood's game of U.S. Marines landing on a Japanese-held island.

Greg William's colonial Zulu game.

Adam Vera's Wild West game, hunting outlaws for bounty.

Players fight

Steve Miller's ACW battle, Battle of Cedar Mountain.
And I got another photo of Lloyd pointing!

Steve and an old fried from the past - Rueben Aguilar.
It was great to see him.

A game in the Flames of War tournament.

We had two tournaments - this are the Fields of Glory players.


Flames of War games.

Six vendors attended - here are Jeff Hunt's ships and Ed from Two Hour Wargames.

The gaming area was FULL.

ACW Ironclads - the Confederates defend a ship under construction against powerful
Union Ironclads advancing up the river.

Scott and Steve

Nice job on the artillery command

Tom Primrose's Vietnam game

Area 51's vendor table. Mike Stover ran the FoW tourney and gave up a vendor
table to make room for more players.

More FoW games.

Battle for the Tractor Factory!

Russian Civil War.

Texas Rangers go after moonshiners in this gangster game.

More FoW.

Aliens attack the town of Normal, Texas.

Jeff Hunt's Napoleonic naval game.

Those are some very powerful British warships.

Tourney action - the two men in the back came from Mississippi and Korea!

Field of Glory is the current Ancients rules of choice for tournies.

Lloyd Eaker's ECW game (BEST PAINTED).

A close up of some of Lloyd's troops.

Ed Teixeira's treasure hunt for the golden monkey.

Alien's drop by the BBQ joint in Normal, Texas.

The Plano Centre was serving good food this time - loaded nachos and cheesburgers.

A church group rented the rest of the Plano Centre, and they had vendors!
I picked up something to help me have better dice rolls....

Not One Step Back! Adam Carroll's game of Soviet's defending against Nazi aggression.


The French Foreign Legion defends Fort Zinderneuf.

25mm Napolenic action, French vs. British and Spanish.

Spanish squares on a hill overlooking the British infantry lines
and advancing French.

French columns hit the British after taking a lot of casualties.

Close up of the attacking Germans in Adam Carroll's game.

French cavalry charging through the surviving Spanish squares.

Steve is always happy with goo on his face.

In what is now a tradition, we chow down on SLAMBURGERS!

Slamburgers with bacon are BEST!

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