Skirmish 2011

August 13, 2011

The sixth year, still going.
Here are some photos.

Steve Miller's 54mm American War of Independence game.

Best of Show *AND* Best Painted

The Patriots lining up for battle.

The King's soldiers are prepared to defeat the rebellion.

Colonial Militia advance on the British.
Just give us two shots!

Continental Regulars back up the militia.

Highlanders under fire.

The militia have run off, but did a great deal of damage.

Tarleton defeats Henry Lee's cavalry.

Greg Williams' "Battle of Ginnis", British Colonial game.

Greg explains the rules.

Karl Pajak's Flintloque game.

Flames of War games.

We also had a Fields of Glory ancients tourney.

The tournament underway.

Jeff Hunt's Napoleonic naval game.

Players try to save the princess in Ron Hamilton's dungeon game.

Gangland fighting in Jeff Lawrence's Born in East L.A. game.

Lloyd Eaker's WWII game, fighting in the hedgerows.

American infantry escort a Sherman tank down the road.

FoW game - look at the tanks!

Steve Miller runs another 54mm AWI game.

After taking the hedgerows, Lloyd Eaker runs a game of
the U.S. attacking a village outside of St. Lo.

Fierce fighting in the village.

George Chrestensen's Eastern Front WWII game.

Adam Vera's gladiator game.

Karl Pajak's second Flintloque game.

Dave Bennett's Sci-Fi game based on "Firefly".

28mm WWII using Frontline rules.

M10 Tank Destroyer.

Jamie Mathew's Dr. Who game.

A close up of some of Lloyd's troops.
The FoG tourney went to 10:45 PM

Seleucids and Romans.

The gaming room about 9:00 PM.

Adam Carroll's 28mm WWII Eastern Front game, with a burning German track.

Old friends get together.

Wayne Carver's American Civil War game, Battle of Helena.

The Rebel army advances.

Two Rebel regiments.

Cowardly Yankees in their defensive works.

FoG armies.

Elaine Patterson's Clash of the Amazons.

Tom Primrose's AWI game.

Glen Taylor's Battle of Fornost, Medieval fantasy game.

Denny's now has BACON SLAMBURGERS!

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