Micros and I hang out in Kel'Thuzad's chair, since he doesn't need it anymore.

Beosven, this is your life!

Leveling as boomkin is so much easier. But this suit is hot.

A murloc suit is much cooler, don't you think?

This flag is MINE. It helps to be able to fly up there.

A nice carpet ride is relaxing

I'm a big fan of the heavy equipment though

Sometimes the pressure of healing drives me crazy

Don't mess with me, I have tough friends.

Ragnaros is a dear friend of mine.

One of my better moments. These creeps kicked me from the group,
so I refused to release and they couldn't finish their heroic. Morons.

This is me dressed as a beer coaster.

Sometimes I just have to sit and think.

I'll be hanging around, making noise when I can.

And chillin' out in my favorite costume.

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