02/25/2010 5000 point Apocalypse game at Area 51
Brian wanted a shot at my Orks on his day off...

5000 points is pretty much my whole collection. I had to go with two Warbosses...
this motivates me to paint more stuff so I only have to take one (which is how it should be).
The objective is the Chaos gate in the center. Brian made it with a couple of picture
frames and crumpled blue cellophane in between them.

Squiggy is prominently in the center, between the stompas.

Da Red Boss leads his biker ladz around the flank, supported by the mobile grot bomb launchas.

The Slaanesh army was ready to drive through the gate...before my boyz arrived.

Chaos Baneblade.

Squiggy loaded and ready.

The 'Ardboyz and Koptas go around the flank,
supported by the weedy grots and Big Mek Shokka Zulu.

Da boyz go first! (Never good against Slaanesh, but what do we care?)

...piling in...

Squiggy almost chipped a tooth on the Chaos dread. You don't see it because it's eaten.

See the big vacant spot behind the Chaos terminators? There used to be a lot more there.

The 'Ardboyz get lashed into plasma bait.

Squiggy runs into something a bit nastier than him.

Stompin' termis is fun!

With Squiggy dead, the boyz pile out and form a gun line.
We'll give 'em a dose of dakka.

Uh oh, what the heck is that?

Just as the stompa finishes off the termis, their champ turns into a nasty critter!

Chaos dead after two turns.

Da Red Baron arrives and guns down a lashy deamon prince.

More Chaos dead.

With both stompas gone, there are plenty of shooting lanes.

Warboss Blu'tung attacks the Baneblade.

The last of the boyz heads for the gate.

Slugga nob and Obliterator take each other out, as the big deamon looks on.

Not a whole lot left. More Chaos than Orks unfortunately for me. The Kannons
did good work, the weedy grots run as usual and Blu'tung still scratches on the
hull of the baneblade - I'm sure he'll get in eventually!

It was a fun game and we attracted a lot of attention for looking good.

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