04/17/2010 2500 point game at Madness Comics
My Orks have another go at Brian's Slaanesh Marines.

I had a little trouble making my list for this game. The Force Organization was completely full.
The Meganobz were not my preferred choice, but they were the only other Elite choice I have!
Now I am determined to add a new unit of something, maybe Burnas, Tankbustas or Kommandos.

My Boyz push forward in the center as Warboss Blu'tung lead a sneaky flank attakk.
The scum-sucking Lootas move into position on the opposite flank.

Tony da Tyga tries out his new "Hey, I just learned I could turbo-boost before the fight" gambit.
His rokkits miss...(different tactic, same result).

Big Mek Shokka Zula FINALLY (after a year of "testing") lays some warp-frenzied snotlings
into something hard! The Chosen have to walk, and take cover behind another Rhino.

The hated twin Daemon-princes came out, and double-lashed my warbikes, who were slaughtered
by the template weapons of the Noise Marines in the Rhinos and chopped by the Princes.
However, the git-princes didn't fallback far enough to avoid some payback from the Warboss.

Warboss Blu'tung calls a WAAAGH! and he and the Boyz get stuck in.

One Prince is squished. The 'Ardboyz put two wounds on the other.

The Deff Dread is smoked by the Slaaneshi dread, but the Slugga boyz take care of it.

Warboss Blu'tung in his moment of glory (one wound, but having killed a Daemon Prince)

Marines arrive from reserve and go after the Lootas. I've been here before...

On the other table there is a Warhammer game going on...fully painted! One army is
Warhamster figs though, and they use scraps of paper for markers. But it's progress...

The Rhinos unload their passengers, including a Chosen squad full of meltaguns.

The Slaaneshi center is not as 'thin' as it looks.

Brian thins out the boyz with some more templates.

You can tell he's a professional at making my boyz 'do the burny dance'.

Nob "LaCrush" stands on the wreckage, over a disabled Rhino.

The stupid git ran off after failing TWO morale checks...right off the board.

The boyz in the middle are taking it on the chin.

The trukks and wartrakk now devote their time to shooting down the remaining
Daemon Prince, who only have one wound left.

The other Slugga mob gets stuck in, with a Kan to help out. This will make a dent!

Nothing like 80 attacks + four from a Power Klaw to set things right.

Big Mek Shokka Zulu is having the fight of his life.
His first three shots were Strenght 10, Strength 8 and another Strength 8.
Here, the grots leave him to try and grab an objective.

The Ligne boyz hold the hilltop, but it's not looking good.

One of the grots turns to threaten the others.
But his mate lets him know he doesn't approve.

That damn Deamon Prince lashes the shootas into a clump, and they get burned good.

The rest of the boyz start runnin'. They keep shooting at the
Daemon Prince, but the bastard won't die...

The Kannons hit the Rhino pretty good, but can't hurt it.
The Meganobz move to krunch it.

The marines start takin out trukks as I run out of boyz.

The Meganobz (and grots) shoot up the pinky marines...

...who run, get charged by the Nobz, and get picked up by the fistful.

Is there a rule where this guy can't lose his last wound?

Marines and Obliterators clean the woods of grots and grab the objective.

My last unit, the Kannons, take a final shot at the Daemon Prince...
but then there's that rule about not losing the last wound....

Here is the stinkin' yellow git of a warboss who RAN OFF in his moment of glory. This was his last fight because he is officially FIRED.

Look...I dropped him and even his SQUIG left him! Stupid git.

I enjoyed the game, but it's time to reorganize under a new leader...


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