25mm Napoleonics

Austrians and Prussians vs. French and Westphalians.

April 18th (and 25th), 2010 at the Rat Palace III

Steve, two Scotts, one Allen, one Mark and myself setup the game.
Both sides had about three brigades of infantry and three brigades of cavalry.

Austrian brigade is charged by the elite French cavalry right at the start.

A Prussian brigade arrives.

More Austrians.

The Prussians advance, supported by three regiments of cavalry.

Austrian light cavalry move to middle to drive off the French light cavalry.

Westphalian brigade advancing.

This is the left flank of the Allied army. You see the French 8th Hussars running
behind them, destroying some guns and driving off an Austrian infantry battalion.

The battle developing. Westphalian brigades will anchor both flanks of the French advance
as a French brigade moves up the center. The Prussians will try to drive off the Westphalians
as the Austrians make the main attack.

After causing many delays, the French light cavalry are destroyed by the Austrian main force.

French brigade in the center.

Westphalians setup to defend against the Prussians, who deploy cavalry to attack.

Prussian dragoons charge the Westphalian guns!

The French begin their attack.

The Westphalian guns are saved by the supporting battalion forming square just in time.
But now they are under Prussian guns....

The lines of Austrian infantry hold steady against French charges.

Austrian and Westphalian cavalry mix it up as the Austrian Grenadiers attack.

The flanks are fighting, but there is still a gap in the center.
Artillery begins to take a terrible toll.

Westphalian infantry start to crack, and the gun battery is overrun.
Here, a Prussian battalion moves in.

The Austrians face the main French advance.

Scott and Mark look pretty happy.

French infantry squares.

Austrian guns pound the middle.

Austrian Grenadiers and Westphalians fight a tough battle.

Westphalian legere advance to put the Austrian guns under fire, but are routed in the attempt.

Prussians and Westphalians in a firefight.

Typical of one of our games, we have far too many figures on the table.
So we come back the next week to complete the game.
Here we see the Prussian and Austrian guns begin a devastating barrage.

Momentum is slowed by the difficult fighting in the built up areas and the artillery fire in the middle.

Steve looks over the battle.

Westphalian infantry

Buildings made by Sandy Botond

Sandy's windmill, with Napoleon doing a 'drive-by'!

Westphalian cavalry. There's a story about the missing head...

The Prussians try to squeeze through an opening to finish off the Westphalians.

The French begin to collapse.

Austrian cavalry finally turn the flank. The battle is over, so we setup a new one!

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