05/08/2010 1500 point game at The Gamer's Realm

I dropped by The Gamer's Realm for the first time and met Glenn who was waiting for a game.
Fortunately, I had loaded the Orks into the car because nobody else showed up to play.
Glenn was a fun, easy-going opponent with a great looking Blood Angels army.

Two mobs of 30 Sluggas and Da Red Baron (Warboss) move forward, leaving one objective behind
to take the hurt to the red beakies near the other objective.

A little bit of shooting takes down a few of da boyz, but the rest get stuck in for some krumpin'.

Da Shoota boyz are the only Ork reserves arriving on Turn 2, and they march on in formashun.

Da Red Baron leads the krunchin' with beakies falling in the building and the Rhino getting carved up.

The boyz settle back, so they don't get stuck rolling to move next turn.

Glenn's Blood Beakies drop a couple of Angel Boyz squads behind the sluggas.

The Veteran beakies put up a good fight, but not good enough!

The boyz move out to hit some new targets

And the warbikers make it to the fight. They were SUPPOSED to be with Da Red Baron, lazy gits.

This is going to hurt them a lot more than it'll hurt me!

Uh oh, one beakie left...we'll get him next turn.

A FREAKIN' LANDRAIDER DROPS FROM THE SKY! And more targets....er, beakies.
Have we mentioned what we think of Landraiders?

The Razorback plays footsie, using speed to avoid my boyz.
No matter, we'll just run through the woods and bring up the warbikers.
The Nobz ride in from reserve in the Yella Trukk and Tony da Tyga can't hit the broadside of a Landraider.

A well-timed WAAAGH! let's the sluggas get through the woods and catch the Razorback.

The Nobz tore up the last of the assault marines.

A dread and Predator tank come on from reserve.

The Nobz and Assault Termis in an epic battle! Go Green!

Yep, an assault squad got out of the Landraider and tangled with the Nobz. One Termi is left,
but the Nobz ran away...missing that Warboss leadership. But Blu'tung was a loser anyway.
The shoota boyz will take care of the last Termi....

Thinkin' like an ork, the boyz go after the DEATH COMPANY.

Da Red Baron rams into the Landraider and starts cuttin'...

By the time he's through, all that's left is a smoking hole in the ground.

The sluggas turn the Predator into scrap.

Tony loses his shooting duel with the dread. He needs work on getting closer or something.

Oh look, the game ends with the Orks accidentally holding an objective. It's a win!

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