05/20/2010 1500 point game vs. Keith's necrons

David Jones gave his Necron army to Keith, and seeking a game, I borrowed
Dave's Space Marines. They are painted the exact same color as the plastic
which I think is funny as hell. Anyway, here's what happened...

Keith has three huge mobs of Necrons and two Lords
I have a bunch of tactical marines, an assault squad, dread, a bike squad and a chaplain on a bike.
The scenario is for KILL POINTS....I'm screwed. But as usual, I don't care.

On turn one I move up and Keith hoses down my Assault squad - gone.
The bikers survive however.

A few of the tactical marines, the dread and bikes charge in.
Most die, including the dread, but the bikes kick metal necron butt.

One group of Necrons relocate as a few marines and the bikers hold on.

The rest of my army sucks, but the bikers are amazing, taking down Necrons left and right.
(They just get back up....)

Vet. Sergeant takes on a Lord and his entire group!

All that's left are a few marines with long range weapons, and the bikers

Marine bikers are tough...they continue to chew threw the Necrons.
If they only wouldn't KEEP STANDING BACK UP!!!

And the second group of Necrons moves in to reinforce the fight. They have no honor.

The game ends with the bikers still fighting and one combat squad
(out of range or they'd be dead too)

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