40K Tourney

Using my Random Force Generator to create my army list, I entered the boyz into a local tourney.

Here is what I ended up with:
HQ: Warphead
HQ: Big Mek with KFF
Elite: Nobz mob on foot (!)
Elite: Meganobz
Elite: Lootas
Troops: 30 Slugga boyz
Troops: 20 Shoota boyz
Fast Attack: Deffkoptas
Fast Attack: Warbikes
Heavy Support: Deff Dread

Game One, vs. Nurgle Chaos Space Marines

My Orks steal the first turn and move onto the battlefield.

The Slugga boyz pop the Rhino and expose the juicy middle...

My nobz reach the stranded landraider and destroy it as well.

A well-placed (lucky) rokkit from the dread does the same to the last rhino.

The Nurgle forces prepare to counter attack, but the game ends with my Orks victorious!.

Game Two, vs. Steve's Old School Orks

Who's boyz are da best? Let's find out.

My boyz advance into the face of the enemy warband.

Warbikes charging forward!

The slugga boyz make chop suey out of the opposing shootas.

Massive fighting and carnage between both sides destroys all of my boyz, and leaves few of Steve's.
In a terrible stroke of luck, my Warphead deep strikes the Nobz just as they were about to destroy the center.

Steve's massive battlewagon rams my dread...

...and destroys it. Oh well, I guess he's best...for now.

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