07/10/2010 WHFB tourney at Area 51

I signed up for a WHFB tourney using the 7th edition rules for the last time as this was
on the release date for the new 8th edition rulebook. The only I have left that Games Workshop
hasn't gutted is my High Elves, so I signed up. No special characters! but I managed to get
to 2250 points by using every other figure in my army and adding banners and magic items.

As we're getting ready for game one, I look over and see this. He is ASSEMBLING MODELS
BEFORE THE GAME. Why? His army is unpainted, does he really care that they are glued together?

This is a bad sign and I asked the tourney organizer to not put me up against an unpainted army.

My first game, against Tony Myer's Orcs and Goblins. I was happy to face the army that I hope
to build next and completely failed to notice the unpainted fanatics! They didn't do much anyway.

Tony moves his army forward.

A pair of giants are heading up the center!

It looks like a cavalry battle on my left - Goblins and Orcs vs. Elves

The Dragon Princes do a lot of damage to the Boar Boyz.

Meanwhile, my dragonmage is totally unimpressive with a Strength 2 breath weapon!

Uh oh, the Big Boss just about wipes out my Dragon Princes - the banner bearer with
War Banner keeps the fight even, but it is not looking good for the next round.

My Great Eagle goes to the top of a building - and gets shot down by Orc bolt throwers.

The Dragon Prince standard bearer goes one on one with the Big Boss...

And he wins!

The giant stomps on my archers.

Dragonmage vs. Wyvern.

The spearmen and chariot ride down the giant.

The battle so far: The Wyvern has killed my Dragonmage and run off the table edge, then
flown back on. My chariot killed the giant and pursued far enough to get the fanatics out
and they are in the process of destroying my chariot. The Ork bolt throwers destroyed one
of my bolt throwers, but the other is about to kill the second giant.

Over on the left flank, my cavalry have driven off and destroyed the Orc and Goblin units.

My other spearman unit and Lion chariot close in on the Savage Orcs.

The Wyvern is suffering from stupidity as the spearmen hold him off.
The Savage Orcs are destroyed by my other two units.

The spearmen chase off the Wyvern.

The game ends with the Night Goblins running away and only the Orc boyz left.
Only my second victory ever with my High Elves!

Photos of some other games.

Lizardmen vs. Skaven.

Lizardmen vs. High Elves.

Chaos vs. Chaos.

How about carrying your army like this?

This is a beautiful Chaos army.

Organist that counts as a hellblaster cannon...very cool!

My second game, vs Lizardmen.

Bretonnian army.

Bretonnians vs. Lizardmen.

Here's a cool themed table - they called it "Fort Zinderneuf"!!!
The skeletons on the wall shot at both sides.

Skaven vs. Chaos

That amazing Chaos army fights demons.

Close up of some Knights.

High Elves vs. Tomb Kings.

Chaos vs. Skaven.

There were 24 players in the tourney.

Silver Helms charge in.

This army blew me off the table with magic. It was astonishing.
I used up both dispel scrolls in my first turn and he just melted
me down. I did the best I could to engage him, but there's only
so many comets that you can take on your head!

So for game three I was supposed to play a guy (Richard) who had an unpainted Empire
army piled on a tray. After about 15 minutes of soul searching, I didn't want to play
but the store owner suggested I play him anyway. I told him I'd rather have my teeth
pulled out, but I'd do it for him. When I sat down and exchanged lists, I saw units
that obviously weren't Empire.

"What type of army am I facing?" I asked...

"Dwarves, I'm using Empire figures as proxies."

Well that did it. I can't take it and it's better that I just drove home instead of
try to play a game that would make me pissed off for two hours. What the hell has
happened to this hobby? Why does somebody think it is even remotely acceptable to
show up at a public event with paid admission and bring crap like that. I didn't even
waste my time with a photo, by the way.

After my first game, while I was eating lunch, another guy was talking about how he had 8,000
points of some army (Chaos, I think) but none was painted. I said "Then you don't have 8,000
points of Chaos."

Good grief.

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