Games Workshop has a habit of putting a bullet in the head of every one of my Fantasy Battles
armies - it's always just a matter of time. With my Chaos army useless, I thought I'd build
a new army based around magic. I went with High Elves, and though the models look good,
it doesn't really suit my style. I finally finished them in June, 2008 after about a year.

07/10/2010 WHFB tourney at Area 51

Dragon Mage!
My two favorite things in WHFB....a Dragon and a Fire Mage!

Tyrion, and two more mages


Silver Helms and Dragon Princes

Two chariots, including one with LIONS!


Artillery and a Bald Eagle, modeled after one I saw in a zoo.

2500 points of High Elves

Reference shot, to sell the extras...

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