9/25/2009 2500 point game at Area 51
My Orks vs. Brians Slaanesh Chaos Marines

Here are the Orks I used:

HQ: Warboss on bike
HQ: Big Mek with Shokk Attakk Gun
Elite: Lootas
Troops: Nobz mob in trukk
Troops: 30 Slugga boyz
Troops: 30 Slugga boyz
Troops: 30 Shoota boyz
Troops: 12 'Ardboyz in trukk
Troops: 30 Grots + 3 Runtherds
Fast Attack: 3 Deffkoptas
Fast Attack: 6 Warbikes
Heavy Support: Deff Dread
Heavy Support: Killa Kans
Heavy Support: Kannon Battery

With one objective on each side, the boyz line up to go first.
Sneaky Slaneshi gits don't even try to steal the first move.
Can you guess why? (It rhymes with "Rash")

There are my boyz, led by Da Red Boss on his new bike.
Slaneshi Deamon Princes hide like pussies behind their tanks.

Shokka Zulu fires on a Rhino, only because he's with the Lootas...

Oops, somebody loaded the wrong ammo! Shokka gits fired at the target.

The Lootas wreck the vehicle, and the Chaos boyz get out, surround Shokka,
and teach him that he shouldn't bring a Shokk Attakk Gun to a knife fight.

Look at that wall of vehicles...somebody's scared!
Da Boss isn't afraid - he leads the bikers headfirst into the middle.

Once again, the Nobz trukk gets blown up. We better talk to the mekboyz,
this happens every fight. Now the Nobz have to walk.

"Lucky da Ork" won a "bet" with a mekboy once. Now he's hard-wired into an armored box
and drinks his meals though a straw. Occasionally he actually is lucky, like now when
he destroys the Defiler with a rokkit shot!

The Deffkoptas arrive from reserve. Led by Tony da Tyga, they blow up the Rhino,
leaving a clear run for the Nobz.

The boyz on the hill shoot the pink marines with their sluggas, making them run away.

The Nobz had fun with the Chaos marines, while Da Boss chops through the Rhino wall
to get to the other side.

Uh oh, deep striking Obliterators....this won't be good.

The boyz are lashed forward (great!), but suffer to an awful lot of flame templates.

My shootas move so fast they look like a blur!

The pink deamon prince and his chaos gits start chewing on my boyz!

Da Boss is one on one with the Daemon Prince!
(Stupid knothead loses after three rounds of combat. I mean, come on!)

The Grots take the hill while the shootas move up.
"Lucky" is stunned and wanders around in a daze.

The second Defiler kills my Nobz mob. *snif*
The nob in my slugga mob takes revenge though...

Uh oh, more bad news. A giant mob of Pink Chaos Nobz show up!
This isn't funny anymore!

See that flame on his head?
See that Greater Daemon...oh my.

Tony, Slim and Dakka back up and shoot...

They couldn't hurt a rat with a stick of dynamite.

Story of my life - flamers.

Chaos marines kill the grots, but "Lucky" wakes up and starts stompin'!

Daemon cleaning house.

All the grots and my boyz are gone. But "Lucky" is hanging in there!

We wounded the Daemon....it's not enough

Thinking like a grot, we fight for a draw.
The Koptas go after the fleeing marines and wipe them out.

My 'Ardboyz arrive to save the day!

High water mark...the 'Ardboyz are triumphant, and Lucky still stands.

Bummer, I don't know what happened to the rest of the photos. I guess we won't know who won!
(The winner wasn't in green) My boyz are tabled for the first time - oh the shame!
At least there's no more proof. I punish my Warboss and the Lootas by making them spend the night in the tub.

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