Pre-Astronomicon Tourney at The Gamer's Realm, 06/05/2010

The Astronomicon folks are flying down here to Texas to host one of their tournaments on June 19-20, 2010.
I've signed up for it with my Orks, and two weeks before we had a "Pre-Astro" tourney to try out the venue
format, scenarios and themed tables. It also helped some players learn how this thing will work.

This is also the first time I've created a themed army list and background story for my army.

Themed list and story.

Army Builder version of my Ork list.

My Ork themed table submission for the tourney.

Close up of the Ork temple

Game One vs. Sid Stallings' Orks

Sid's Ork army looks amazing and I was thrilled to play it.

Sid sets up a single battlewagon, carrying the Orks you see behind the building.

I setup my Warboss and all three boyz mobs, taking the first turn.

Turn 2, my bikes and kannons arrive from reserve as Sid moves his battlewagon forward.

The battlewagon charges in!

Deffkoptas move on from the flank and attack my warbikes.
(Why does everybody pick on my warbikes?)

One turn of shooting and fighting leaves the warbiker nob tied up with
the one surviving deffkopta.

Orks pile out of the battlewagon and crash into my Warboss and boyz,
utterly destroying them and even chasing off my wounded warboss.

The Shokkaboyz move up to get some payback, destroying the gits.

My biker nob kills the kopta!

The boyz and biker nob destroy the battlewagon as the Nob bikers move up.

Sid finally gets his reserves - kans, lootas and a battlewagon full of Nobz, with a boss.

Sid's warboss leads the nobz into an attack on the objective, held by my Skarboyz.

My Nobz bikers reinforce the fight.

David and Chris were lending their expert advice.

This is the EXACT MOMENT that I became a 'Grotzooka Konvert'.
The kans blew away most of my boyz as they were in contact with the objective.

Fortunately, my boyz passed their leadership test, giving me a draw.
I lost points for losing my warboss, though.

My army arrayed for judging.

More armies at lunchtime..


Old School Chaos

Sid's Orks. I only photographed the fully painted armies.

Necros vs. Chaos on a nearby table, non-tourney game.
See that Chaos Lord? We'll see him again later.

Game Two vs. Dennis Ovens' Imperial Guard

Here we go, the dreaded mech force....let's see how we did!


This is a reference shot, since Dennis is shooting first.
I want to see how many die on turn one.

Results of Dennis' first turn shoot...not bad for me!

The Dead Box (turn one)

Warboss 'Eadbanga and the Kracked Kranium MC hit the first tank...

He flips it easily. One down.

The Grot Kannons destroy the Demolisher gun and the Warbiker Nobz
pries open the Hellhound to see what's inside.

BOOM! Hellhounds don't react well to being pried open...

Dennis' command squad had four plasma gunners....guess who rolled four ones?

The lonely Captain gets to eat dakka-ammo.

The Warboss goes after another tank, turning it into mush.

A well timed Waaaagh! helps the boyz scrap more tanks.

I have to give Dennis credit - he doesn't sit back and shoot like a pussy!

An 'Umie with a demo charge gets out of his disabled Chimera and lays one on the boyz.

Warboss 'Eadbanga continues his ride through the Chimera line...
until he gets dropped by freakin' LASGUN FIRE!

Flame templates add to the death rate for my boyz,
leaving a couple of nobz to fight it out on this flank.

The Nobz bikers find a cracked in the wrecked Chimera line.

Wounded Nob vs. IG sergent...

My Nob Scumduffa wins the duel!

The Nobz have killed about all they can over here,
so they spread out awaiting incoming fire (which misses).

Kolonel Badnap fights a squad on his own, but he loses.
Stupid French

Fighting on the Tyranid table.

To Hell with objectives, this Medusa was pissing me off.

Scumduffa stands alone after carving quite an impressive path
through the Imperial Guard armored formation.

After my boyz were chased away in the center,
my Nobz come in to get even.

And they do...tearing up the IG squad, breaking it.

Game over. And a loss but for one troop squad...oh well, it was fun!

The carnage was great, and this is what Dennis did to me.

Game Three vs. Steve Burroughs' Chaos

Steve wasn't really in the tourney, he was just filling in
as the 'ringer'. This would be an automatic win for me.
I was given this great honor because out of 26 possible points
in the first two games - I got FOUR.

I decided to defend, so I wouldn't have to walk.
Honestly, this was not a very good scenario in my opinion.
There should have been an option to deep strike the attackers,
maybe with a greater risk of scatter/failure.

Chaos marine - one of David Jones' old figures.

Warboss 'Eadbanga smashes some Traitor Marines.
Hey, they're just the same as regular marines to me!

The epic duel between the Chaos Lord and Warboss 'Eadbanga.
I think the Daemon weapon was a bit scared of a whirring buzzsaw.
Warboss 'Eadbanga saws the Chaos Lord off of the Juggernaught.

Three victory points in hand and the rest of the Chaos army on foot, I backed up to make him walk to me.

Steve blew up the secondary objective.

Honestly, I would have attacked insteading of hanging back,
but dammit...the army wasn't painted and I just didn't care.


Dennis won the overall tourney and I came in third.
I also got the award for "Best Painted/Appearance" though
I hardly think Orks are known for their appearance!
Sid and I tied and I think I won the tie-breaker by coming in third.

The winning score was 78 and I can count points that I lost by blowing off
objectives and not paying attention to detail - like leaving my name off the
damn army list! But live and learn. I have never played three games in one
day with my Orks before and it was a bit of a beating. I need to go with
transports instead of 30-figure mobs to make setup about a thousand times easier.

One point for Conversions? - I'm going to have to make a sign to point them out...
65% of my army is converted, but when asked "Are those Forge World figures?"
I just said "yes". I guess the green stuff and extra parts looked like they belonged!

It was a fun tourney and I'm looking forward to Astronomicon.

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