The BIG BOY himself...Dante. Painted by my friend Kyle.
I've used him in a game exactly once.

Librarian, Apothecary and Veteran Sergeant of the Honour Guard

Blood Angels Librarian and the Honour Guard

Blood Angels Chaplain and Death Company.
Yes, I need all twenty!

Assault squad. These guys always kick butt.

My two Landraiders.
The one on the right is named RUSS, because it used to be
a nicely painted Space Wolves Landraider that I bought for $25 and repainted!
I'm a cruel, heartless bastard sometimes...

Eerie shot of the interior of my Landraider...

Sluggo, Lefty, and Bubba. My legendary dreads....

The whole army, arrayed for viewing...

Badly wounded Blood Angel...but he just keeps on fighting!

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