I ate REALLY WELL in England

You can probably tell....

Unfortunately I didn't get photos of everything. Nick's wife Raquel made
the best roast leg of lamb I've ever had (and some great salmon, too). We ate
a LOT of curry - from local curry houses to a Michelin Star restaurant in London.
Steve and I made a great batch of "fake Vindaloo" too.

We also went to "Scott's Pie and Mash" shop, and the menu was:
Pie & Mash
2 Pies & Mash
Pie & 2 Mash
2 Pies & 2 Mash
Jellied Eels
And for dessert - Spotted Dick!

On my 2009 trip, I FINALLY got a photo of the place.

Food on the 2005 trip.

MMMM....Fish and chips!

A very traditional English meal - Ploughman's lunch. Bread, ham, cheese, fruit and stuff

Steve's mom made the best Steak and Kidney pie! Want some?

Too bad!

I can't even explain this...

UPDATE! From my 2007 return trip!

I went back in January, 2007 and a co-worker of mine who lives in England dared me
to try "Cockles and Whelks". Okay, so Steve knew right where to get them - at the local
seafood stand by the side of the road. What are they? Shellfish. Very small shellfish.
Very FISHY SMELLING shellfish. Anyway, lots of vinegar, salt and pepper helped, along with a beer.

Here is the market...

There they are...a bowl full. It might look like a small bowl to you, but to me it was HUGE...


There ya go Nigel, proof that I've eaten them.
Honestly, the Whelks weren't bad.

Now for some more food from 2007...

Some high quality Pie and Mash! This was at a pub. Very tasty!

Steve ordered Ham and Eggs.

Sushi on a conveyor belt. Just pick up your serving and eat it!
It's a great way to run up a bill...

UPDATE! From my 2009 trip this time!

Steve brought out some of his mom's Steak and Kidney pie again

We gather for the feast. This is the first time Krista has tried Steak and Kidney pie.

As you can see, I finished it again. Luke decided to help
me with the proper way to place my fork when finished.

It's supposed to be like this...

And for dessert, mom's apple pie and custard!

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