Steve wanted to go to the coast to 'Paddle' in the ocean.

August 2009

The beach at Hastings.

It's covered with ROCK.

Zillions of tiny little rocks.
Fortunately, MOST of them are smooth...

Here we go.....

Steve, Luke and myself 'Paddling'.

I admit the cool water actually felt good.
Maybe it was just numbing the pain from the rocks....

Now we have to get our wet, pebble covered feet back into our shoes.

There were actually people swimming.

Kids...they can complain about the smallest thing, but freezing water is no obstacle if they want to swim.

The Tanners


A very old pub - looks like a ship inside.

This is a 'fake ploughman's' lunch, because of the sausage.

Hey, I found the Black Pearl!

The Luftwaffe flew right over head, and bombed this place.

Here is the sign.

I thought this was cool...

Town crier.

Oldest building in Hastings.

Here is the sign on the wall.

Shacks where the fishmen dried their nets.

The most evil carni ride ever.

Luke and Val seem to enjoy this.

Maybe I was too large for this ride, it crushed me.


This is not a wooden owl...they use REAL OWLS to keep birds away. to the battlefield.

Walking up to the Abbey at Hastings.

Map of the battlefield.

The Norman left flank advanced over this ground.

The Norman left actually broke and ran back here.
The Saxons pursued and were cut down by the Norman cavalry.

The center of the battlefield.
The Saxons were up on the hill ahead.

Right flank of the Norman army.

Remains of the original abbey constructed by William the Conqueror as penance for killing so many.
7,000 were killed - half of the combatants.

This is where Harold bought it.

There was an alter constructed here.

This is a shot from where Harold died towards the Norman advance.

Now we're at the top of the hill where the Saxons stood, looking down at the Normans.

The Tanners.

Me, kneeling in front of the King.

Ouch! Something's in my eye....

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