This was a simple little concept - an all infantry fight, IG vs. Orks, in a hive city.
Any figure that falls is a casualty. Watch those fat fingers!

August, 2000.

The Orks prepare their attack on the Imperial hive city of Helsreach...

The Imperial Guard responds to the invasion.

The orks ascend the spire.

The guard are ready to meet them!

Both sides advance... the Ogryns try to find a ladder large enough to climb.

The two sides clash on the bridge.

The Captain leads the charge against the Nob and his boyz!

The Praetorians stand fast.

The Cadians face the Ork gunners at ground level.

The Commissar joins the fight...

...and with the Captain takes down the Nob!

The orks know a good fight when they see one.

Can we make this jump, or not?

The orks' high water mark.

The boss finally goes down.

Eventually, the Ogryns figured out how to climb...

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