Imperial War Museum trip

08 Aug 2005

15 inch naval guns in front of the museum. Very big....

My first encounter with a Matilda - cross that off the list.
No comments on the old guy and the girl, please....

25 Pounder. Notice the swivel platform stowed under the gun trail.

Like Early War much? Try this!

88. The real deal. 'nuff said....

Pieces of the ME110 Rudolph Hess flew to England. Seeing this was worth the trip. this is my favorite vehicle in the whole museum. In the 1980s somebody
found an abandoned LRDG vehicle in the Libyan desert! Here it is.

40mm Bofors

Sopwith Camel. This is the actual plane that Snoopy flew when he shot down the Red Baron!

BE2c - one actually survived!

"Bunch 'o Planes"
Spitfire, FW190 and Mustang

Captured Jagdpanther! This was very interesting....

Hmm...I wonder what happened to it that caused it to be captured by the British?

This shot was taken with the camera stuck into the hole in the armor.
Can you see the shot marks on the INSIDE?

Another shot of the 25 pounder....

A T-34/85!!! Shame Shame! This museum obviously is run by powergamers...

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