Oh wow! We asked Allen if we could use his fantastic Ian Weekly
25mm scale Alamo for a 40K game....and he said yes!

August, 2000.

The Orkamo and its valiant defenders...

Commissar Crockett and his 'volunteers' defend the hastily built wall section.

Only one man refuses to cross the line.

Blitz 'Eadbasha leads the Orks against these usurpers.

The Ork army approaches...

The Speed Freeks attack the wall.

But Blitz gets there first! (Of course...)

And makes it OVER THE TOP!

The massive Ork battlewagon crashes into the old mission...

...while Confessor Dickenson fights on against the odds.

The Orks even have tanks!

Allen cannot believe he agreed to this.

Blitz wants to take a chunk out of Colonel Travis.

Crockett and his men await their fate...

...The last man standing, Crockett faces death alone.

There will be no heroic destruction of the powder magazine here...

The defenders are crushed by the onslaught.

At least Steve enjoys the carnage!

Who can blame him? His bikes and trucks turn the famous old mission into powder.

The Orkamo was not built for this. It was a peaceful outpost on a desolate world.

Allen is not amused...

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