Third time to SELWG, they made me a member!

August 2009

Brian, and his new giant.

Here I am with the Historicon 25th Anniversary tape measure at SELWG.

Steve is teaching me Fields of Glory.
Here is the end of the "Terrain Wars Phase".

FoG setup war is complete.

Ork horde getting ready to eat some Eldar.

Flames of War, in North Africa.


Some WWII action.

Warhammer Fantasy.

Tau in 40K

Another FoG game...notice how the pikes lost the setup war.

SELWG gaming hall.

They have shopping carts full of UNUSED terrain.

Back to FoG. Steve needs help with the rules.

More of the North Africa WWII game.

The Historicon 25th Anniversary tape measure in action!

My pike block advances (actually, Steve owns them).

9:00 PM, time for announcements.

Yours truly is becoming an official member of SELWG!
They actually created an 'overseas' membership for me.

And I get loot in the form of a new shirt and hat.

My membership card.

Steve has so much trouble with the FoG rules, he needs three people to help.

It's traditional now that he crushes me in a game when I visit.

The Eldar player removes panzees after the orks are finished with them.

SELWG stuff.

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